Top Chef All Stars L.A. Week 3: Who Was Eliminated?

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UPDATE: This article is updated weekly after each elimination. Spoilers ahead!


Season 17 of Top Chef All Stars L.A. is in full swing, and the competition is especially fierce this time around.

HostPadma Lakshmi declared early on that the 15 chefs returning to Top Chef are among the best of the best, and they’ve got more motivation than ever to make it to the end as the winner will receive $250,000—the largest cash prize in the show’s history.

Along the way, the chefs will be joined by the likes of everyone from Kelly Clarkson to Danny Trejo. Fan-favorite judges Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons are of course on board as well.

So who was eliminated week two?

After being divided into four teams and challenged to cook dishes inspired by the artistic styles of Rococo, Renaissance, Neoclassicism and Baroque, the judges narrowed down the colorful dishes.

The top chefs of the night were: Melissa (who won!), Eric, Brian and Bryan.

And the bottom chefs were: Jamie, Karen, Stephanie and Lee Anne.

Ultimately, it was…

Check back here each week to see the latest elimination news! 

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(Originally published Mar. 19 at 8 p.m. PT)

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