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Who digital nomads are and how they live in the world? Digital nomads are people who have organized their own work so they have the freedom to work anywhere in the world and as the concept suggests, they work mainly through the network. The concept and tradition of digital Nomads comes from the original concept, they move from place to place in search of work.

What is required to succeed in getting that freedom to work anywhere in the world? They have purposefully set up their own company, which will operate online.The most common business they run is blogs and diaries,which they update from time to time.

What their standard of living can be,are they rich and are they live in five star hotels? Nomads can make good living,it all depends on their own goals and achievements some even run big businesses over the internet,and live in surprisingly very large hotels and vacation resorts. So today, the nomads have created an almost new culture that almost always attracts a new generation because nowadays everyone seeks their own independence and their own control over life. The reasons for starting an independent job may be unemployment, seeking freedom along with work. To get you started as a nomad, you can even start without starting a business. Many companies are now looking for freelancers,to do their jobs for which they cannot find talent through a normal job search. And some employers know that this can improve employee productivity,the self-employed person is less stressed during the work phase because he can choose work routines to his liking and still get a good job track. Maybe this sounds like a great replacement for you too, to work on your own.and still do well and live comfortably in the world.

“Digital Nomads” Traveling

Top 6 ways to make money as digital nomad

  1. Start a Blog = Blogging is the most common way to start making money and gaining a passive source of income.
  2. Join the gig economy = There are sites on the web where you can add and offer your own work or receive a job.
  3. Provide professional services = If you are a designer, lawyer or programmer,you can make money by offering your own services.
  4. Create online courses = You can offer your own online courses depending on your professional skills and level of expertise.
  5. Teach English = Teach people different languages like English. Language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world but you can still find people who want to learn a language.
  6. Social media marketing = Everyone is using social media today, so it may be profitable for you to provide social media marketing services.

You can find more information about this work culture in the following link

Look at this, one most famous digital nomads video from YouTube ! “Should YOU become a DIGITAL NOMAD? BALI EXPAT LIFE”
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