Health Benefits Of Green Tea

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Are you thinking about improving your eating and drinking habits,it may be that the health benefits of green tea may be right for tea is so good for slimming and cleansing the body for its flavonoids, which enhance liver function and this makes your body work lighter and more efficient.

Green tea is rich in various vitamins that the body needs to function properly.These vitamins include, for example vitamin c and vitamin e.

However, heating in general destroys my vitamin c so it’s best to make green tea at about 65 degrees.

The best known ingredient in green tea is EGCG, which has been found in studies to reduce the size of tumors by blocking neoplastic growth, where the tumor generally grows.So you could say that the health benefits of green tea are one of the best in the world.

health benefits of green tea
Health Benefits Of Green Tea – Cup Of Green Tea

Table 1. Green Tea Ingredients


Prevents memory loss in the elderly
Burns calories / lose weight
Improves insulin sensitivity
Protects from the sun’s UV rays
Prevents cancer
Reduces the size of tumors
Prevents mutation
Prevents free radicals
Reduces elevated cholesterol
Prevents hypertension
Kills bacteria
Kills influenza viruses
Inhibits caries bacteria
Prevents bad breath
Caffeine (Tein) Chews and refreshes
Diuretic (to remove fluid)
Vitamin C Prevents stress
Prevents flu
Vitamins B Promotes carbohydrate metabolism
Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) Reduces hypertension
Flavonoids Strengthens blood vessel walls
Polysaccharides Reduces high blood sugar
Fluoride Prevents tooth decay
Vitamin E Slows down aging
Protects cells
Theaine (amino acid) Gives the typical taste of green tea

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