Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins

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We all know what vitamin c (ascorbic acid)is and we also know that it is one of the best vitamins for human health,unfortunately, we do not always get it according to our needs.Vitamin C is good for reducing oxidative stress,which ages and destroys cells and thus causes premature aging. Vitamin c is important in every function of the human body, for example, it aids in the digestion of food by improving the absorption of nutrients. Vitamin C is water soluble and also promotes tooth and bone formation, the function of vitamin c is to function in the human body as well synthesis of collagen, adrenaline, carnitine, bile acids and steroid hormones.

Vitamin C protects the heart by repairing blood vessel walls and also makes them more elastic.Vitamin C is involved in creating skin tissue and collagen, so Vitamin C works generally throughout the body. So, vitamin c is not said to be one of the best vitamins for nothing. The need for vitamin c in humans is different depending on lifestyle.if you are stressed and otherwise a busy person it may be that you need more vitamin c than food.

Need for Vitamin C
The minimum requirement for vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is

in women: 60 mg / day
in men: 60 mg / day
in children: 35-50 mg / day

Vitamin C intake
The traditional Westerners source of vitamin C is black wine.

Extremely rich in vitamin C is also present
rose berries
citrus fruits
sea buckthorn berry
red pepper
sprouts and rootstocks, especially potatoes.

For example, a sufficient daily dose of vitamin C can be obtained
from one orange or kiwi fruit
0.5 dl black currant or sea buckthorn
2 dl strawberries, varnish, blueberries or cauliflower
50 grams of peppers

best vitamins

These impair vitamin C absorption

Alcohol, antibiotics, antihistamines, aspirin, birth control pills, cortisone, copper and nicotine.

Overdose and safety

Vitamin c is safe and non-toxic in the highest doses.

The downside of vitamin C is that this vitamin is easily destroyed due to poor cooking, it will also be destroyed if it comes into contact with air. Vitamin c should be eaten as raw as possible to make the most of it.

Watch the following videos for a better understanding of how vitamin c works. So look at your own best vitamins in your healthy life style : ) and stay healthy.

Watch one of YouTube’s most popular video!
If you cant watch video please try to click on following link =

Watch one of YouTube’s most popular video!
If you cant watch video please try to click on following link =

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