4 Underreported Ways Amazon Makes The World Worse

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They’re Funding Conspiracy Theorists

We’ve talked about how the NVIC, one of the country’s leading producers of anti-vaccination conspiracies (and dead kids), is funded by a pseudoscience-peddling millionaire grifter who goes by the name of Joseph Mercola. Well, he’s apparently got some help from a billionaire grifter who goes by the name of Jeff Bezos.

We checked, it's still there.NVICWe checked, it’s still there.

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This is all made possible by the company’s AmazonSmile program — an initiative where charities and other humanitarian organizations can apply to receive a cut of any purchases made by their supporters on Amazon (but only if they visit the site by clicking a button like the one above). The NVIC was likely able to enroll without being vetted by Amazon, although the guidelines for the AmazonSmile program decree that all enrollees must “not engage in, support, encourage, or promote […] deceptive or misleading activities.” Now, this might sound shocking, but we don’t think these guys are being honest about the real (negligible) risks of vaccinating your children.

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Of course, isn’t the first time Amazon has been caught funding conspiracy douches. In an attempt to court the fossil fuel industry, Amazon sponsored an event last year organized by the Competitive Enterprise Institute — a free-market libertarian thinktank with a long, storied history of climate change denialism. (Naturally, CEI’s head, Myron Ebell, was tapped in 2016 by Donald Trump to lead the transition team in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency.)

There’s also the fact that for conspiracy grifters, Amazon is still the best place to shill garbage books. You can find all kinds of BS guides, including how to survive coronavirus, how to “cure” autism in children by force-feeding them bleach, how [insert recent mass shooting here] was an inside job, and how the deep state’s elite pedophile cult is this close to being dismantled by Donald Trump. (Seen below with island owner and friend to the stars, Jeffrey Epstein.)

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