Italy Trip For Those Who Are Interested In Peaceful Enjoyment

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It is good for a traveler to plan their Italy trip holiday in here,because Italy offers a very diverse culture with such a distant and precious history. One of the most famous things in Italy is its art history and peaceful countryside.

Italian is notoriously temperamental and strong with great hearts. These things will provide a memorable vacation. Italy has also been considered the fashion mecca of the world,these famous brands are Armani and Gucci.

Enjoy the culture of the city destinations

Italy is a large country of about 60 million people. The best known major cities are Rome, Milan and Naples. Although known for its large population, the country is also known for its cultural heritage. These famous world heritage sites include, Rome,Naples,Venice,Verona.

One of the most well-known places in the Oleander-scented environment of Lake Garda. Italy also attracts wine lovers, as Italy produces world-famous wines and it is a good idea to explore this by going to the Tuscan hills where the vineyards are. Although Italy is very well known for its wines and breads,it also offers art and countryside attractions and true Italian culture.

How to travel around the country?

It is therefore a good idea to choose a car that can easily travel to cities and mountains in this country, this is the case with the Mediterranean Mount Etna volcano which dominates the environment.

Due to the pleasant climate of the Mediterranean, the tourist can be attracted by the beaches offered by the country. Destinations can be found on the east and west coasts of the country, the Italian Riviera, which stretches all the way to Tuscany.

Indeed, Italy is well known for its food culture, which has been influenced for thousands of years. Indeed, there is a lot of pasta in the country which is used in different ways in food, this is where pasta comes with tomatoes usually come along with tomato crumbs, sauces and more variations.

italy trip
“Italy Trip”

What are the best city destinations in Italy?

1.Rome – The Eternal City
2.Milan – Fashion Mecca
3.Venice – Canals, gondolas and romance
4.Florence – A true home to art and culture
5.Verona – the hometown of Romeo and Juliet

Memorable sights are listed below

italy trip
“Italy Trip” Tuscany

1.Colosseum, Rome
2.Piazza del Duomo dating in Pisa
3.Venice Canals, Venice
4.Duomo, Milan
5.The ruined city of Pompeii, Pompeii
6.Da Vinci’s Last Supper, Milan
7.Michelangelo roof paintings in the Sistine Chapel, Rome
8.St. Mark’s Cathedral, Venice
9.The city of Amalfi
10.St. Peter’s Church, Vatican City

About Italy

Population: 56.8 million
Area: 301 230 km2
Capital: Rome (2.8 million people)
Form of government: Republic
Official languages: Italian
Independent States within the country: Vatican City (800 inhabitants) and San Marino (27,000 inhabitants)
Other cities: Milan (1.4 million), Naples (1 million), Turin (963,000)
Neighboring countries: France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovenia
Area Code: +39
Currency: Euro
Timezone: UTC +1

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So plan your Italy trip and go holiday and get amazing travel experiences 🙂

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