Spain Trip Can Be A Rewarding Experience

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Are you dreaming of an annual vacation on the beaches?Spain may be the place for you. Spain offers the traveler an unforgettable experience at the beach and at the beach restaurant,where you forget everyday stress. Spain has attracted tourists from all over the world over the years,and not without reason after all, Spain offers plenty of historical sites for example Barcelona offers Gaudi architecture everywhere.On the pedestrian street of La Rambla, you can sit down on the café terrace and watch Barcelona’s buzzing going. This is a beachfront boulevard refurbished for the 1992 Olympics is a great and very nice addition to a holiday.

Barcelona nightlife is very lively and therefore does not leave the traveler cold.

A traveler can head for a beach holiday all year round

Due to the Spanish weather, a traveler can come to the country at any time of the year.Excellent vacation spot can be found all over Spain,both east and south coast.The Canary Islands have plenty of potential vacation spots to enjoy these are,Mallorca of the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, Andalusia.

spain trip
“Spain Trip” Drinks
“Foods” Spain Trip

Food and wine experiences

In Spain you will find very delicious food in Spanish style and the Spaniards are famous for their own food, and thus proud of it. Tapas are eaten everywhere in Spain,and these are small snacks that are eaten directly by hand. This is the way food is to bring a few friends along to enjoy the meal and chat this includes quality wines.Other famous foods are chorizo sausage, gazpacho soup.

spain trip
“Spain Trip” Surfing

What else is there for Spain trip?

In Spain it is useless to be afraid of getting bored,because there is so much to do from water sports to mountain hiking. The best place for a surfer is to go Fuerteventura, Lanzarote or the north coast of Spain. In these places it is easy for a beginner to learn the secrets of surfing.

Easy connections to Spain

Spain is easily reachable by plane all year round,airfare prices vary according to holidays. You can normally buy a European airline ticket for up to € 50.

Traveling within the country

Traveling within the country is easy,it is advisable to rent a car that allows you to drive smoothly through different destinations without much effort.

In Spain, even bullet trains run from Barcelona to Madrid in just 2.5 hours. So there are alternatives, you can even take inland flights that can get you cheap between big cities.

Flights within Spain are operated by Iberia, Air Europa, Vueling, Ryanair and Volotea. Alternative flights can get even cheaper than the train.

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Spain Facts

The form of parliamentary parliamentary monarchy
King Felipe VI
Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez
Capital of Madrid (3,165,541 people)
40 ° 24 ‘N, 3 ° 41’ W
Other cities in Barcelona (1,608,746 inhabitants),
Valencia (790,201),
Seville (690,566 people)
total of 504,645 [1] km² (ranked 50)

  • Belt Inland Water 3.05%
    Population (2017) 46,550,000 [2] (Rank 27)
  • population density 92.2 inhabitants / km²
  • Population Growth 0.12 [2]% (2016)
    The official languages Spanish, regionally including Catalan (or Valencia), Galicia, Basque, and Aranesese
    Currency in Euro (€) (EUR)

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