Traveling To Finland

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Have you ever been in Finland? Finland is a different alternative to traditional beach holidays,Finland is a cool place in general. Although Finland is a cool place geologically, it does not mean that there is not enough to do in Finland. Finland has four seasons, with the coldest times occurring from November to April, summer temperatures arrive during May then it can be very warm during the summer.

What are the 10 most interesting sights in Finland?

1.The first interesting attraction is Hämeenlinna Prison Museum. This is a former provincial prison where you can get acquainted with the first cell in Finland,this was completed year 1871. In the prison cell you can find many writings on the walls of the prisoners and their personal belongings.

The prison had once been called to a punishment room the prison had been influenced by American prisons with cells on both sides of the corridor.

2. The second is Lappeenranta sand castle. This is one of Lappeenranta’s main attractions,The castle has been rebuilt fifteen times. Because the building is made of sand, there are also various sculptures and new structures that can be admired. The sand castle will open in early summer and close at the beginning of August and September.

3. Third one is Valamo Monastery in Heinävesi. Valamo Monastery is an important center of the Orthodox religion in Finland. The monastery can be visited all year round . The monastery has been moved across the border from Karelia In 1940. A monk in the monastery can even be accommodated if necessary, visit the monastery’s sparkling shop where you can buy famous wines from the monastery. The Nunnery, which is part of the monastery’s activities, is 10 km from Valomona Monastery. At the Lintula Monastery, you can buy candles for the monastery.

4. Four is The border of three kingdoms this is where the borders of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet Kilpisjärvi. A so-called artificial lake has been built in the lake with a 2.5 meter high mark on it. National Veterans Day is celebrated each year by gathering at the Three Kingdoms Border on April 27. The same day is the day of the end of the Lapland war.

5. Porvoo is perfect for those who want to relax in a quiet place from the Greater Helsinki area. Porvoo’s atmospheric features include the old town’s small shops and cobblestone roads that create that old-fashioned atmosphere. In Porvoo, you can stay in a stylish old town with reasonably cheap accommodation. In summer, you can take river walks and cruises in Porvoo. In winter, you can even go skiing on the ski slope provided by Kokonniemi. Most of Porvoo ‘s river side buildings date back to the 18th century the top five attractions in Porvoo are,

1.Brunberg chocolate shop
2.Riverfront area
3.Porvoo roastery café
4.Storehouse Restaurant

6. Suomenlinna is one of the most important and largest remains of Finnish history The castle was built around the 1750s. Suomenlinna is very familiar to Finns at least, but it also gives tourists something very interesting about Finnish history. As mentioned earlier it is one of the biggest fortresses in Finland but it is also one of the largest forts in the world. The fortress has played a very important role in the defense of Finland. Since 1991 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Helsinki Market Square offers easy and flexible access to Suomenlinna on a ferry that runs several times a day the journey takes about 15 minutes .

What to do on the island?

You can visit the island for example museums and restaurants where you can spend lazy moments.

traveling to finland
“Traveling to Finland” Winter

7. Hossa a national park where you can visit protected Finnish nature,The National Park is a wonderful hiking area.

8. Helsinki is one of the busiest places to visit, for example Suomenlinna, Seurasaari and Pihlajasaari. In the city you can spend a busy life of entertainment and spend time in restaurants. The city always organizes some interesting new events.

9. Rauma is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rauma is a very peaceful Finnish town where you can spend some time relaxing and enjoying local delicacies at the local restaurants.

10. Hanko is one of the most popular Finnish destinations where you can spend time relaxing. In Hanko you can find up to 30 kilometers of sandy beach where you can spend time in summer. Hanko is particularly popular with boaters. In the summer, the dock departs from the harbor and is worth joining. So traveling to Finland is Experiential.

traveling to finland
“Traveling to Finland” Porvoo Old Town

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